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Monday, June 13, 2011

Think you know how to ride a bicycle?

Not like this guy!

Make sure to click the HD button and watch this full screen. It's worth it!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I own a Kawasaki?

Well yes, as matter of fact, I do! It is a 1978 Kawasaki KZ650 C2, referred to back when it was new as a Custom. I actually bought this bike just before Christmas last year but because I failed to mention my purchase to the BSU until April, I hadn't mentioned it online. Yes, I got in BIG trouble with the spouse. I have made amends though and she is no longer upset with me.

Why a Kawasaki? Why this Kawasaki? Well, Kawasakis have generally been my favorite Japanese motorcycle brand since I first became aware of motorcycles and, believe it or not, I actually sold Kawasakis at 2 different dealerships in 1977 & 78 before joining the Air Force. And the KZ650 was one of those bikes that I sold that I really liked. This particular bike is beautiful, nicely cared for and very close to original condition. The color is original even though it is very attractive, the handlebars are slightly shorter than stock and the seat has a step in it the factory seat didn't have. I actually found it on night browsing through Ebay but the seller was just 10 miles down the road from me. It was too good to pass up! This bike is 33 years old and as you might imagine, the few that remain in the wild have seen plenty of "improvements" by 3 decades of owners. So finding a clean and (almost) original bike is pretty rare.

With a little help from the credit union I bought it and tucked it away in the shop for the winter. I had some small repairs and improvements to make that kept me busy for a few weeks but when riding season arrived, I had to face the music and spill the beans.

I've been riding it a couple weeks now and it is wonderful! It rides and acts like I remember motorcycles acting. It isn't a race bike or a cruiser or a long distance touring bike; it's just a motorcycle. It starts, stops and turns just as it should and I'm mighty happy with it. Being 33 years old, it does have a few minor things that still need my attention- the lights don't work in the instruments and the turn signal indicators are intermittent but that's small stuff. I've already installed a much brighter headlight assembly and added some electrical relays to the electrical system to make things run more reliably. A new LOUD horn may be the next modification I make to the bike as the stock one is really puny.

Want to see it? Take a look!



Ain't she pretty? As always, click the thumbnails to see the full size pictures!
Have no fear, Sleek Black Beauty still has a proud parking spot under the carport with the Kawasaki and I still enjoy riding her as much as I always did. Now I just have a choice when it is time to ride!

I bought a new furnace for my house today-

for $200! How'z about that?

A few weeks back the BSU had a furnace repairman in to take a look at our (turns out) 18 year old furnace. And- there was carbon monoxide coming from the registers. The furnace has a burned out heat exchanger and was subsequently shut down, turned off and condemmed. The estimates the very nice repair guy leaves for a replacement furnace run from ~$3000 to $4000, none of which, I of course have. Adding a central air conditioning unit- high on the BSU's priorities, doubles those prices!

What to do, what to do? I pondered and I talked to some people. I even thought I had found a used furnace and a/c unit for sale from a guy on a fishing forum I frequent. Turns out to be much too large for the modest Wasted Electrons World Headquarters building. More pondering. Luckily, summer has finally arrived and I have a few months before reliable home heating becomes critical.

This morning I rode the Kawasaki to church because the BSU was staying home. (What, I haven't told you about the Kawasaki yet? Another post will be forthcoming on that topic shortly.) Anyway, at the bottom of the hill from my house, there's a guy that runs a semi-regular yard sale. And in his yard sale, sitting on a hand truck, there's a furnace...

On the way home I stop to look at this furnace. Turns out it is a new, once installed but never used York Affinity C.9 in the same btu rating as the repairman said I needed for the house. According to Consumers Digest,
"The 9 series is the best furnace on the market. Engineers tweaked the design, so this is now the most effiecient furnace you can buy."
They also say the suggested retail price is $3895 and up!

The seller told me his asking price was $300 but would consider any offer. I came home with the details that I snapped with my phone, did a little online research and took the BSU's direction to go quit dithering and go buy the furnace. I got $100 from the ATM on the way and offered the seller $200 to buy his furnace which he quickly accepted. I'll be paying it off tomorrow and hauling it home.

$200! Can you believe that? I will be talking to an independent HVAC guy this week to arrange installation sometime this summer. I'm still not getting A/C right now but I scored a deal on a furnace that has me really tickled!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I'm not dead and I haven't quit blogging-

I'm just pretty busy right now, with lots of stuff going on and finding it hard to get my activities and thoughts converted into bits & bytes.

Maybe soon though!